Traditional English Breakfast
Traditional English Breakfast
Traditional English Breakfast

Traditional English Breakfast Tea - Bold and Rich Ceylon Black Tea Blend


Indulge in the Perfect Cup of Traditional English Breakfast Tea

Are you ready to experience the timeless charm of a Traditional English Breakfast Tea? Look no further! This classic blend of the finest CEYLON black teas is crafted to perfection, resulting in a bold and full-bodied flavor profile that will awaken your senses and provide a delightful start to your day.

Allow the distinct inviting aroma to embrace you, as the malty, earthy, and sometimes floral notes intertwine in a symphony of flavors. This rich and comforting fragrance will transport you to cozy mornings in the English countryside.

Versatility is the name of the game with our Traditional English Breakfast Tea. Enjoy it just the way you desire - with a splash of milk for a smooth and creamy indulgence, or embrace its pure essence and savor a cuppa as it is. Feeling adventurous? Add a slice of lemon to elevate your tea-drinking experience with a zesty twist.

Don't worry about the variations in flavor and blends from different tea brands and regions - our Traditional English Breakfast Tea guarantees consistency, ensuring you relish the true essence of this beloved tea variety.

We sell this product as loose leaf and in sealed pouches to maintain flavour and freshness.

Now, let's talk brewing. Simply follow these easy steps to achieve tea perfection:

  • Use 1-2 teaspoons of tea per person for a robust brew.
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes to unlock the full flavor potential.
  • Water temperature should be 100 degrees C for the ultimate infusion.
  • Store this delightful blend in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to maintain its integrity.

Ideal for sharing with loved ones or savoring in solitude, our Traditional English Breakfast Tea invites you to embrace the charm, elegance, and warmth of quintessential English tea culture. Elevate your mornings, enjoy a serene moment in the afternoon, or unwind with a comforting cuppa in the evening - the choice is yours.

Join us on a delightful journey through time and treat yourself to the perfect cup of Traditional English Breakfast Tea today!