Keemun Black Leaf Tea
Keemun Black Leaf Tea
Keemun Black Leaf Tea

Keemun Black Leaf Tea


Keemun Black Leaf Tea

Keemun black tea is a type of black tea that originated in Qimen County, Anhui province, China. It is highly regarded for its unique flavor profile, which is often described as rich, smooth, and slightly smoky with hints of fruit and floral notes.

The leaves of Keemun tea are small, thin, and tightly twisted, with a dark brown to black color. When brewed, the leaves produce a beautiful reddish-brown liquor with a distinctive aroma that is both earthy and slightly sweet.

One of the defining characteristics of Keemun tea is its smoothness and complexity. It has a medium to full-bodied texture that coats the palate, providing a pleasant mouthfeel.

The flavor profile can vary depending on the grade and processing techniques used, but generally, Keemun tea offers a balance of malty, slightly sweet flavors with subtle hints of cocoa, orchid, and sometimes even stone fruit.

Due to its distinct characteristics, Keemun black tea is often considered a breakfast tea and is frequently used in blends, such as English Breakfast tea.

We sell this product as loose leaf and in sealed pouches to maintain flavour and freshness.

 Brewing Advice;

  • Use 1 - 2 teaspoons of tea per person
  • Steep for 3 - 5 minutes
  • Water temperature 100 degrees C
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from the light