Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea
Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea
Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea
Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea

Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea


Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea

This is a special tea made from the sun-dried fruit skin of coffee cherries. Tastes like fresh plum, white peach, dried apricot, lemon, and honey.

Cascara, meaning ‘skin’ or ‘peel’ in Spanish, is a novel way of recycling leftover coffee pulp, which is produced in huge quantities when ripe coffee cherries are pulped before the beans are washed and dried.

In most producing countries this pulp is traditionally seen as worthless and is usually broken down and used as fertilizer – but it is also possible to dry this leftover cherry to create the base for a unique and refreshing tea.

Cascara has a very long and interesting history. Coffee farmers in Yemen and Ethiopia have in fact been drying and brewing cherry like this for centuries.

When brewed, Cascara Capucas produces a light, aromatic infusion that resembles tea in appearance. The flavor profile is complex and intriguing, with notes of dried fruit, cherry, and subtle hints of honey and floral undertones. It has a mild sweetness that is naturally derived from the fruit.

Cascara Capucas has a smooth and delicate mouthfeel, it is a refreshing alternative to traditional coffee or tea. It has a lower caffeine content compared to coffee. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a moderate caffeine boost.

This particular Cascara Capucas Coffee Tea is the dried cherry from Honduras Santa Rosa De Copan.

We sell this product as loose tea and in sealed pouches to maintain flavour and freshness

We recommend the following guide when brewing, using any teapot, french press.

  • Use 5g of cáscara per 200ml
  • Brew for 4 minutes
  • Water temperature 90 degrees C
  • Serve immediately
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from the light